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    “They have excellent battery life. Can’t fault this product”

    - Adam from Product Review

    “Value for Money”

    - Elleblitz from Products Review

    “Build quality is good. Good caseback.”

    - Tom Barton from Product Review

    “Bought this for my daughter at Xmas. Works very well.”

    - Jenny from Amazon


    Our Punos tablets come with a 12-month warranty

    Depending on how the device is being used the battery life can vary greatly. Some applications will drain the battery faster than others. Generally, you can expect 8-10hrs battery life. Note: During heavy use the battery life may be lower than 8-10hrs. IE: Playing graphical games tend to drain the battery much faster than web-browsing or scrolling through photos.

    Hold down the power button for 5 seconds or more

    Yes, you can factory reset the device to default settings. Please note this will wipe all data and information from the device. Please follow the instructions in the user manual

    We recommend charging them for 4 hrs.

    Up to 10 metres. Note that walls and objects may affect the distance.

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